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Universal Children’s Day

On 20th November we celebrate Universal Children’s Day. It marks the importance of education and that all children should have access to learning.

The Breteau Foundation’s Lebanon Programme is a Finalist for the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education

We’re honoured to have been selected as one of the 13 finalists from around the globe for our work in Lebanon.

Adapting to Virtual for Continuing Professional Development

Innovation and adaptation has been core to our work to ensure we can continue to reach teachers and students in our project schools. Here’s an insight of the work being carried out in Colombia.

Mobile Education Bus: Making Education Accessible in Lebanon

Learn more about our Mobile Bus Education programme and what we can offer the children living in the refugee settlements of West Bekaa.

Education in the new normal and what this means for the Developing World

We take a look at the impact of school closures on both the developed and developing world and the inequality between the two.

Random Acts of Kindness

Read a heartwarming story from South Africa where ideas are shared and where there’s an abundance of optimism and kindness amidst the COVID19 crisis.

Building Resilience in a Global Pandemic

Building resilience demands innovation, partnership and solidarity. We take a look at how a few organisations have responded to the current crisis.

Adapting our country programmes during COVID-19

See how we have adapted our global programme in each region, ensuring we are supporting teachers, parents and students during school lockdown.

Breteau Foundation & COVID-19

Please read our latest communications about COVID-19 and details about our global programme.

Zahra’s Story: One unique life behind the refugee numbers

Zahra and her young family live in one of the refugee settlements in Lebanon. Read her story and how she has come to work with us.

The Breteau Foundation Team Celebrates World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day on March 5th 2020, members of the Breteau Foundation team have shared their thoughts on reading as well as their favourite books.

World Book Day: What’s Happening in Colombia?

We take a look at the five most popular reading books in Colombia from our digital library app Mis Libros.

Breteau Foundation Calls for Great Literacy Apps

We love literacy apps. Find out more about the features we look for to help us support the varied literacy curriculums in the countries where we operate.

5 Years: Encouraging Education and Peace in Colombia

This month marks a 5 year milestone of educational support to schools, teachers and children in Colombia. Find out more about our journey in this region.

Steps closer to completion: Breteau Foundation Tent School

Winter temperatures have not stopped our team from decorating and fitting equipment for our Tent School. Read on to follow our next steps.

Creating Solutions When & Where Needed

Challenges require solutions. Find out how we overcame harsh winter conditions to provide an education environment for the Syrian children living in Lebanon.

June: Our Teacher of the Month

This month we celebrate an influential teacher who has been integral to the development of our partner daycare centre in Dominican Republic.

May: Our Teacher of the Month

Our teacher of the month in May comes from one of our partner schools in South Africa.

Supporting Adult Literacy: Adding Value Where We Least Expect

It is important to us to be able to help our schools in a holistic way. Offering support to teachers’ own personal development is just one way we do that.

Edtech Transforms Classroom Behaviour: A Colombian School Case Study

We hear from Jessica, our Education Assistant in Colombia about the positive impact technology has having on student behaviour and learning.

Our Teacher Training: How Technology Inspires Great Pedagogy

How our training model nurtures teachers to improve their pedagogy through use of technology. We hear from the perspective of our country manager in South Africa.