Our Theory of Change

Our impacts are far-reaching and demonstrate the positive impact that Digital Education and comprehensive teacher professional development can have on the motivation of children and progress in providing a quality education for all.
Our Theory of Change guides the implementation of our work across the globe, ensuring that our global programme remains bespoke for the variety of schools contexts that we work. This model supports us to monitor the effectiveness of our education programme, and remain dynamic in acting on constant feedback from those in the field.

Why We Support Education

  • Education is a basic human right for all children, yet currently education is inaccessible to many children worldwide, and education quality is not guaranteed.
  • The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 calls for a universal commitment to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning by 2030.
  • Globally, 263 million young people remain out of school, with the majority living in the world’s most disadvantaged contexts. Schooling is impacted by a wide range of social impacts including poverty, child labour, early marriage and conflict.  
  • Emergencies are exacerbating the global education crisis with 75 million children and young people out of school in crises contexts.

Our Reach

Our programme impacts
By providing
Digital Tech Kits
And empowering

Our Impact by Region


7104 Students Using Tech

232 Empowered Teachers

1115 Tablets Deployed

65 Educational Apps In Use

775 Class Support Hours

Latin America

4068 Students Using Tech

130 Empowered Teachers

828 Tablets Deployed

75 Educational Apps In Use

628 Class Support Hours


2412 Students Using Tech

98 Empowered Teachers

353 Tablets Deployed

32 Educational Apps In Use

42 Class Support Hours

Europe and Middle East

1316 Students Using Tech

55 Empowered Teachers

180 Tablets Deployed

64 Educational Apps In Use

212 Class Support Hours

Stories From the Classroom

Our grassroots work in classrooms allows us to witness the impact of our support. We are able to observe teachers who we have trained and learners using our resources including our education technologies installed in classrooms. Read our Stories from the Classroom to learn about some of our work, our challenges and our successes and meet some of the wonderful people we support.

Educating A Community: Supporting the success of committed teachers in conflict areas

Tailoring Digital Education Programmes to Local School Contexts

Embracing the Human Right to Education

Innovation and Other Projects

We understand the challenges that face education in disadvantaged areas, and the range of barriers to providing universal access to quality education. While we develop our own resources and build projects from inception, we also collaborate with partners to design innovative ways to transcend these barriers. Read about some of the ways we have designed or are designing our support to meet local needs.

Coding for the Future – A Partnership Pilot Project

The Breteau Foundation Mobile Education Bus

Overcoming Connectivity Limitations – Developing the Breteau Foundation’s Offline Resource Portal

News and Publications

Our global reach provides us with broad insights and often common learnings. We monitor and review our findings across all our projects, to provide learning insights, to support our future work, and to share with colleagues and partners, around the world. View our Library and Read our Thinkpieces and Learning Summaries.

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