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Our Home Tablet Programme launched in 2020 to directly support children who were no longer able to attend school as a result of the global pandemic. 
We partnered with One Billion, a non-profit that builds comprehensive educational software for children in numeracy, literacy and reading comprehension and that works completely offline and with no need for adult supervision. 
Our Home Tablet programme is now in three countries and supports children at home or in learning settings where there is limited to no internet connectivity. 
What is the Home Tablet?
A learning device delivering adaptive, personalized instruction through One Course software.
What is OneCourse?
An Award-winning software offering a complete course for children to teach themselves to become literate and numerate in their own language.
Who is Home Tablet for?
Children aged 4-11 who have missed schooling and who would benefit from literacy, numeracy and reading targeted support.

How does it work?

Our Home Tablets use adaptive learning to work for children in all situations. Children can learn:
  • without an adult
  • without an internet connection
  • where lots of children are using the same device
  • with just 30 minutes individual access each day.
Each lesson generates individualized activities for each child, based on their learning level, using a pool of thousands of learning units. It gives both structured learning and exploratory play opportunities each day.
Help give a child a tablet

Help us make a difference by donating
tablet toolkits to disadvantaged children
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Tablet at Home Project

Our Tablet at Home project has been developed in partnership with One Billion, a non profit that builds comprehensive, scalable educational software for children in and out of school. We are providing an all in one literacy and numeracy programme into the homes of our families and into the hands of children. The programme works offline which is perfect for our communities who lack access to connectivity.

Help give a child a tablet

Help us make a difference by donating or fundraising digital technology toolkits for disadvantaged children across the world.
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