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Celebrating A Milestone Of Impacting 100,000 Children!

Written by Volunteer Gbemi Balogun
This year, the Breteau Foundation celebrates the encouraging milestone of impacting 100,000 children globally. It’s a great achievement for the Foundation since our early days in South Africa in 2014, when we began with just 2 schools and 84 students.
We're incredibly proud of our work and we invite you all to read our 2022 Annual Report which highlights our key achievements this year which include:
  • A collaboration with The Western Cape Department of Education (WCED), South Africa to deliver their e-Learning initiative to rural and remote schools in the district. Through this project, 103 elementary schools will receive hardware, accessories, and teachers will receive training to support technology integration in classrooms. The partnership includes a curation of 35 educational apps and teacher resource packs to develop children’s reading, numeracy and critical thinking skills. 
  • Our expansion to Mexico and Ukraine enabled us to reach an additional 29,105 children and 413 teachers. Through our first EdTech programs in Mexico and Guanajuato, we educated 900+ children and 33 teachers who were equipped with tablets and a full set of 35 apps. And in just 6 months, with the assistance of translators and local educators, we distributed stationery packs and academic booklets, and launched our EdTech programme in Romania which supported a further 26,000 Ukrainian children. 
  • Our growing STEAM programme uses project-based learning to help kids learn how to solve problems, think logically, be creative, analyse, communicate, and work together. Teachers can also access teacher training and develop their knowledge of STEAM methodology and how to create a positive STEAM learning environment in their classrooms.  This year, we have added Computational Thinking to help students understand written algorithms for problem-solving, recognise patterns and present solutions.
  • Finally, an exciting news update on our partnership with On Kids & Family. We have co-produced a special episode of their global TV Series – Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir, entitled “Action”, which will be launched in Summer 2023. The animated super heroes embark on an adventure which demonstrates that we can all take action in our daily lives to tackle the plastic crisis and directly influence mass change. Children will be inspired to become plastics changemakers in their homes and communities. Pre-register here for free access to the “Action” episode and our complementary Plastic Changemaker Education Pack – a complete environmental themed education resource for primary school teachers and children.
We would like to thank our team, supporters, and networks for everything we have achieved together. It’s been an incredible year, and we look forward to doing even more in 2023. 
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