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The Breteau Foundation Team Celebrates World Book Day

Annette Quinn, Head of Operations & Impact

A Breteau Foundation team share on our thoughts, insights and experiences of books including some of our favourite reads:

“I was a struggling reader as a child.  My parents and teachers were worried because by Grade 2, reading had not yet “clicked”. Then just like a light being switched on, I could read, and I loved it.  These days, I mostly read when I am traveling or on vacation and I particularly enjoy finding myself so wrapped up, that I feel like I am in the book.  My favourite books are about dogs like Marley and Me by John Grogan, The Art of Running in the Rain by Garth Stein and A Dog’s Purpose by W Bruce Cameron.”  Mona Ewees Mkumatela, Country Manager, South Africa

An interesting book is like being in the company of a great friend.  I always carry a book so when I am waiting or travelling, I am in good company, and these moments, are more pleasurable.  I recently finished All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr an amazing but tragic book of historical fiction – one of my favourite genres.  Annette Quinn

“Books are windows to the world, they open your mind to different experiences, feelings and cultures. Here in Colombia our students love digital books because they are colourful and filled with sounds. Mis Libros is one of the apps designed for the Breteau Foundation by the digital editorial Make Make, offers a digital library of over 38 books for our schools; we truly believe that reading is a key component of education and in general a key ingredient to enjoy life. I am currently reading Eichmann en Jerusalen, Hannah Arendt and can highly recommend it” Jessica Villa, Education Coordinator, Colombia. 

Our new colleague Gaelle Blondeau, Project Manager shares that she has just finished City of Thieves by David Benioff and Yhira Ibarquen, Country Manager Colombia, told me she recently read Sun Storm, The Blood Spilt and The Black Path a trilogy by Asa Larsson.  Yhira said “I couldn’t put the books down, it is a style I like, and when I find a great writer, I read each book within a week. The written words turn into crystal clear images, it’s like a movie projecting in my mind.“

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