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Steps closer to completion: Breteau Foundation Tent School

Annette Quinn, Head of Operations & Impact

With the energy of the local community behind us, we are pushing forward to open our Tent School.  “You have not just told us of your plans for a school, we can see it’s happening. It’s here. Thank you.”  This is the remark from a mother who eagerly monitors the school’s development, in anticipation that her children will soon begin their education.  

The winter temperatures are unsympathetic to the plight of the Syrian refugees… and to completing our building works.  It’s icy cold at the moment with temperatures plummeting below zero… but work continues. Over the past two weeks, with the support from a Syrian team hired to help us, we have been decorating, installing carpets and fitting equipment for the mini kitchen for our first Tent School.  

Meanwhile, Natasha, our Country Manager has held meetings with our curriculum partner SAWA, in order to design and plan the curriculum, and to complete the necessary paperwork to enable our school to offer the Lebanon ECE Certificate.  Our school timetable is now in draft, student registration forms are near ready and our Lebanese teachers and Syrian teaching assistants have been engaged as part of the Breteau Foundation Lebanon team.

There is still much to be done but local families who look on with interest and curiosity compel us to the finish line.       

Of the 400 plus Syrian refugees residing in this settlement, we estimate that there are at least 200 children. So, filling places will not be a problem, neither will engaging parents or establishing community interest in our school.  

In this settlement, a child’s access to education is not inevitable…so as our school becomes a reality, so is the certainty that a queue of children will form outside our Tent School door.  Back soon with an update!

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