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Creating Solutions When & Where Needed

Annette Quinn, Head of Operations & Impact
Excuse the pun but our Mobile Education Classroom has been a great vehicle to reach hundreds of children residing in Lebanon’s refugee settlements: few who attend public schools, some who attend informal schools, and far too many who work.

Several years on with our mobile bus reaching 2,304 students providing: teaching and learning; edtech; and psychosocial support, we are pleased at our impacts. Watch a short film from our recent visit to learn more about the BF Mobile Education Bus Programme.

However, as the winter months arrive, some of our services are hindered by the harsh winter weather and unfortunately, our bus is unable to reach all the settlements due to the rains that create muddy and slippery roads.

In late 2019, we identified a solution to contend with the winters and fit alongside our Mobile Education Bus.  Move forward a few months, and as we near the end of January 2020, we are already in the final stages of building our first Tent School in Ghassan Bou Ali 002 settlement.

It includes two classrooms, a kitchen and toilet facilities – perfect for the operation of a small…indeed a very small school. But it is a place that will enable education to be provided all year round.

“We are so grateful for the building of this tent. Our children will receive education without any excuse to skip class, thanks to Breteau Foundation for making education accessible for every single child here.” says Iman, a Syrian refugee who lives in the settlement where we have built our tented school. She will be working as a teaching assistant.

Meanwhile, our bus can expand to new places so we can expand our reach to more children: those missing their education.

We will be back soon with an update.
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