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June: Our Teacher of the Month

Annette Quinn, Head of Operations & Impact
Every month we like to celebrate one of our champion teachers. Each one has gone through our teacher training programme, adopting new teaching methods and successfully applying them to the classroom. This month we celebrate one of the excellent daycare co-ordinators from the Dominican Republic. Ibelice Peralta, Co-ordinator of Pekin Daycare in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
Ibelice has been working for 14 years as a co-ordinator at the Pekin Children’s Centre in Santiago. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of UTESA (Technical University of Santiago) and a master’s degree in Initial Level Teaching from UAPA (Open University for Adults), Santiago. DR “She is an excellent teacher and has grown since her arrival at this centre, it has been really gratifying to work with Ibelice and have full confidence in her abilities and her professional development. She has made the permanence of this educational centre easier during all these years, thanks to her presence, her constant professional development and her interest in making this daycare grow”

Angela Londoño, Regional Coordinator of Daycare Centres, Santiago, DR

“Ibelice has been a trusted ally for the development of the Breteau Foundation Edtech program. Our communication is very fluid, and this makes it easier to develop the tablet program and see good results within the educational centre. We are very happy to recognise Ms. Peralta today as our Teacher of the Month. She performs an excellent role as a mediator of the Edtech program at the Pekin nursery to ensure that procedures are followed fluently and in a correct manner”

Farah Khoury, Country Program Manager, Breteau Foundation

Q & A: Here we ask Ibelice a few questions about teaching:

How long have you been teaching?
I have been working for about 14 years now and I hope I will continue teaching for many more!

What’s your favourite part about being a teacher?
What I like most about being a teacher is that I really like what I do!
When I started with the project, the nursery wasn’t even built. Everything that has been achieved so far with the daycentres has been done with sweat and love for what we do, which is to educate.

Why do you think it’s important to introduce technology in education?
I believe technology is so important because it’s the most important tool for the next generation. It is essential to be engaged with tech, especially for children, as that’s the future. Nowadays children use technology a lot, so the teachers have to be able to keep up with their students and offer new teaching tools that help us to transmit knowledge in captivating ways.
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