Our Team

Sebastien Breteau

Sebastien founded the Breteau Foundation with a vision that it was absolutely possible today to bring the best available digital education tools to the world’s disadvantaged children.

Caroline Breteau

Caroline’s peripatetic travels have taken her across the globe, from training teenagers in Northern India and raising funds for women in post-conflict zones to working within the world of fashion in London and Paris.

Emma Becker

General Manager

Emma is the Foundation’s General Manager responsible for implementing the Foundation’s strategy and leads our global education program.

Yhira Ibarguen

Programme Manager

As Program Manager for Colombia, Yhira is focused on the successful implementation of the Foundation’s mission in the region.

Mona Ewees Mkumatela

Programme Manager

Mona is passionately driven by her belief that every single child in the world deserves a high-quality education.

Farah Khoury Genao

Programme Manager

Farah is the Country Manager for the Dominican Republic, in charge of implementing the Digital Education Programme in the region.

Natasha Abdel-Baki

Programme Manager

Natasha is our Country Manager in Lebanon, she is responsible for the implementation of the Breteau Foundation’s digital education programme for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese children in the region, including the management of the Breteau Foundation Mobile Education Bus.

Thandekile Ngema

Education Assistant

Thandekile is the Education Assistant in the South African program. She is responsible for teacher training and technology implementation in schools.

Jessica Villa Dávila

Education Assistant

Jessica is the Education Assistant for Colombia, she is in charge of supporting the Breteau Foundation’s program in the region.

Annette Quinn

Annette is the Foundation’s Head of Operations and Impact working to ensure our theory of change model is delivered efficiently and effectively while gaining the highest outcomes and impacts to our beneficiaries: teachers and children.