Dear Friends,

We have had a very exciting year here at the Breteau Foundation – reaching more children and increasing our impact in key regions in which we operate.  As the year comes to a close, we are pleased to share our work and our achievements with you!
Our Reach
In 2019, we reached an additional 9,802 children and teachers bringing our total programme reach to 26,547. Furthermore, we successfully deployed 2,994 tablets and our teachers received 12,676 hours of training and support. This meant that we had the opportunity to dedicate more of our staff time to providing strategic support to schools, training more teachers and supporting them in the classroom.
We also celebrated five years of operation in South Africa. When we started in the country in 2014, we began with just 84 learners and five teachers.  We now have supported 11,373 children and empowered 334 teachers.
In Lebanon: Syrian Refugee Crisis and our Mobile Education Bus
Our dedicated staff, partners and schools are continuing to work tirelessly to support 5,264 children, an increase of 32% since 2018. For more details about the work we are doing to help refugee children:
Watch our short film here
In 2019, our Mobile Education Bus has also gone from strength to strength providing 1,688 technology lessons and psychosocial support lessons to over 2,300 displaced children. Our focus on accelerated literacy, numeracy and Arabic learning has increased children’s entry into Lebanon’s formal education system thus reducing the tragic number of children currently considered as ‘the lost generation’.
Measuring Our Impact
Understanding and monitoring our impact remains a key priority for us. In our 2019 Annual Report, we share the results of our programme in more detail. We are particularly proud that 75% of our teachers progressed by at least 2 levels when assessed using The European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators. In Colombia, we got 725 children reading 4,693 books and in our numeracy study, 41% of the children increased their maths age by an incredible 3 months over a 6-month period.
2020… and beyond!
2020 will be focused on continuing the momentum our programmes saw in 2019. After much research and redesign, we plan to open the doors to our first Breteau Foundation school in Turkey. Our preschool will provide education for local children in the village and surrounding areas but will also engage the community by providing English lessons on evenings and weekends. Here’s a sneak peek of our new and improved concept designs:
We also plan to build our first mini school for Syrian refugees in the West Bekaa district. The tented space will not only provide much needed schooling for children during the harsh winter months but will reach an additional 600 children and provide an accelerated certification programme for direct entry into Lebanon’s formal school system.

We’re adding our second BF Mobile Education Bus, which will reach 800 children and double our employment of local Lebanese and Syrian staff.
Our focus will remain on curating, researching and delivering high quality educational content in the year ahead. We are proud to partner with diverse and talented app publishers and are excited to share a first look at our BF App list for 2020 which includes all of the apps we use, love and recommend in our global programmes as well as the top 5 favourite apps from this year:
Writing wizard   Glow draw   Pettson’s inventions   Book creator   Montessori Add Subtract
Our plans to produce a children’s film on reducing plastic waste in our oceans is still a topic close to our hearts. But it has proved a big undertaking that we underestimated in 2019. We plan to resume our project in 2020 with renewed energy and direction!

And if that’s not enough to keep us busy, we are working on a new exciting partnership that will see us expand our reach exponentially into even more rural areas in South Africa!
We would not be able to do all of this without the passion and commitment and full support and assistance of our partners. Thank you to all of our many valued partners and schools who strengthen our global programme, as well as to Emma and the Breteau Foundation Team for their continued hard work, dedication and passion in delivering our programme worldwide.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year. We are excited for the year ahead and look forward to sharing even more great news with you throughout.

With gratitude,
Sebastien and Caroline Breteau
Our special thanks goes out to:

Africa Foundation, Alghad Alafdal Institutions, Al Manera Second Public School, Azahir أزاهير, Capital Partners, Curious Learning, Code Spark, Damma Hug, Edoki Academy, EDULIS, EZ Education, Filimundus, Fundación Granitos de Paz, Fundación Comunitaria Zona Franca Santiago, Fundación Escuela Nueva, Fundación Pies Descalzos, Fundación Restrepo Barco: Programa Transformación Educativa para la Vida, Ghazza Public High School, Help Refugees, Infinut, Jousour, Kamed El Louz Elementary Public School, Kukua, L’Escapadou, Make Make, Mr. Price Foundation, Palestinian Children and Youth Institute, RealLabs, Red Jumper Limited, Salam LADC, SmartLabs SA, Sawa for Development and Aid, Social Solidarity centre-Nuwat, Tahaddi, Toca Boca, Ululab, VF Corporation, Xander Apps, Zoe Incubation Centre.
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