Dear Friends,

As we reach the end of our 5th year of operation in 2017, it is our pleasure to share with you the Breteau Foundation’s progress this year.

Expanding Our Reach
As always, our country teams have been hard at work, reaching 17,837 students and 535 teachers across the globe with our Digital Education Programme for schools. As well as continuing our work in South Africa, Colombia, Lebanon, Laos, Myanmar, UK, Sri Lanka and Ivory Coast we were also able to expand our network to two new projects in the Dominican Republic and Ethiopia. We are grateful to VF in Dominican Republic and Broomwood School in Ethiopia for choosing to partner with us on these great projects, and look forward to watching them grow throughout 2018.

Developing Quality in Digital Education
Our key focus for 2017 has been to deepen the quality of our Digital Education Programme. We are delighted to have increased our global app offering from 35 to 86 apps including new apps that support home language learning in English, Spanish, Arabic, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Swahili, Tswana, Shona and Sotho. To support teachers, our team have provided over 1300 hours of training, classroom support and senior management development. Further, in Colombia our bespoke offline learning platform now holds over 1500 resources for teachers to access and use in class.

Here is a snapshot of our programme work with partner schools, filmed in Colombia during November 2017.

Breteau Foundation Colombia 2017

This year we have also focused on understanding ‘what works’ in Education and Technology through measuring impact and piloting innovation. We are pleased to share with you our Annual Impact Report, which shows the successes and challenges we have had, and the lessons we have learned about Digital Education best practice.

Our Mobile Education Bus for Syrian Refugees
We believe in education innovation and this year has seen pilots of new and exciting ways to deliver education to children through technology. In Lebanon, our Mobile Education Bus has gone from strength to strength reaching 492 students, and now provides access to additional classes for 212 refugee children living in settlements. We are pleased to announce that during 2018, we will be establishing a second bus to further our reach – and this innovation has been shortlisted for OpenIDEO’s human-centred design challenge.

Coding in South Africa
And in South Africa, we piloted a special innovation project in partnership with Heathfield School and Kano for learners with a focus on coding and its links to numeracy and critical thinking. You can read more about this project on our website.

Sharing Our Learning
As an emerging voice in the EdTech Sector, we were particularly proud to share our expertise on accessibility in education at the EdTechXEurope global event this year. Our General Manager, Emma Becker, made a great case for the need to focus on quality education and not only access. Our expertise has been well recognised with invitations to the Qingdao Education Summit, and we have shared our work at Cambridge Education’s London conference and the Dust or Magic app camp in California.

We’d like to thank you all for your continued support throughout this journey.
Season’s greetings and best wishes for the New Year.
Sebastien & Caroline Breteau
Our special thanks goes out to: 
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